Red Light Cameras Do Affect Driver Behavior in the Long Run



  • In Garland, Texas, crashes caused by red light runners decreased by 56% (from 43 crashes to 19) at the four intersections where red light cameras were installed.  Overall, crashes were reduced by 25% and all injury crashes were reduced by 27%.

Source:  “Report on the Effectiveness of Automated Red Light Enforcement,” City of Garland Transportation Department, Sept. 2006

  • From 1994-2005, red light running violations decreased 73% in New York City.

  • Accidents are down 11% in the intersections with red light cameras in Arnold, Missouri according to Police Chief Robert Shockey.  At the Rockport intersection located in front of a school, accidents are down 50%.

  • During the first year of operation of the red light camera enforcement safety program in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, red light violations decreased 70 and 88% at two of the intersections where cameras are operating according to State House Speaker John M. Perzel (R-172).

  • Public safety officials in Columbus, Ohio report a 72% decline in red light violations between March and August 2006.  Additionally intersections monitored by cameras previously averaged 5 to 14 crashes caused by red light running per year, and since the program was implemented only one crash has been recorded.

  • In Fairfax, Virginia after one year of camera enforcement, violations were reduced by about 40%. Additionally, 84% of its residents supported the use of red light cameras.

  • Significant citywide crash reductions have followed the introduction of red light cameras in Oxnard, California: 7% overall crash reduction; 29% reduction in injury-related crashes; 32% reduction in front-into-side crashes; 68% reduction in front-into-side crashes involving injury.

  • Charlotte, North Carolina reported the following findings based on a before and after study done at 17 intersections: 37% decrease in angle crashes at intersections with cameras; 60% decrease in angle crashes at approaches with cameras; all crash types reduced by 19%; crash severity reduced 16%.

  • Red light running accidents decreased 30% in the year after red light cameras were installed in Baltimore County, Maryland compared to the prior year.

  • Red light running in Savannah, Georgia has decreased by 45% since installing a red light camera.
Source:  “Red light Cameras: A Proven Method to Save Lives,” National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running, http://www.stopredlightrunning.com/html/redlight.htm.


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